The Missouri Pacific Historical Society has been helping many of the model railroad manufacturers with prototype information to help bring out the most accurate models possible.  This assistance is beneficial to both the manufacturer and the consumer. Knowing that the MPHS has had input in the production of an item builds confidence in the integrity of the models details. The MPHS has a large collection of painting diagrams, paint chips, blue prints, slides and photographs which can be made available to manufacturers.  

Our assistance is not limited to models. If you have a project that involves anything Missouri Pacific or subsidiary lines, feel free to contact us.

There are no research fees other than the cost of reproduction and mailing.  This research is done by volunteers who are 'subject matter experts' on the MoPac prototype.  

Here are some past projects that we have helped with:

American Model Builders
MoPac structure kits

Mask Island Decals
MoPac line of freight car decals

Genesis MoPac and Texas & Pacific GP9's
ACF 2970 covered hopper
Genesis GP15-1
Genesis T&P F7
Genesis GP18
Genesis GP38-2
Genesis KOG GP7
Genesis ACF 4600 covered hopper

ART reefers
MP boxcars
SD40-2 Double Eagle
ACF 1892 covered hopper
P2K MoPac PA-1
P2K MoPac E-8
P2K MoPac GP7
P2K MoPac BL2
P2K MoPac GP-18 high and low nose versions
Westerfield Models
MP SS Automoble boxcar kit 1901
MP SS Boxcar kit 1951
MP Stock cars
T&P boxcars

If you are a manufacturer needing assistance contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.