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Northern Kansas Division

Northern Kansas Division, Missouri Pacific Lines - Hardcover
Originally Central Branch Union Pacific Railroad
By Douglas C. Brush
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Authored & published by MPHS member Doug Brush
The story of this 150 year old road continues because it is still in operation today.

The Northern Kansas Division of the Missouri Pacific was originally a pioneer land grant road that built from Atchison, KS, westward in the late l860's to Waterville, KS. After about ten years, construction was resumed and the line built westward across Northern Kansas with a branch that followed the Republican River northwest into Nebraska. The line was 479 miles and completed by 1888. In the early 1930's, the line was abandoned from Prosser, NE, to Hastings, NE (13 mi.). The rest of the line remained intact and active until after the Union Pacific merged with Missouri Pacific and Western Pacific in 1982. The merger brought about new studies, eliminating duplicated service. Although it is too complicated to tell here, it is the first time this division story has been published. More than 250 historic and current photos, maps and a 1931 complete set of Condensed Profiles, several timetables throughout the period, bridges, buildings and water stations from 1890. It is loaded with color and black and white views of stations throughout the branch. It is a result of many years of research and carefully selected period photos of activity throughout the line. The 235 page story is a good reference for dates, major activities and changes in the operation from day one.

You'll enjoy the Missouri Pacific employee interviews throughout the book.

Hardbound 8 1/2' x 11"

NorKan Rear

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