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Passenger Trains of Texas - Missouri Pacific - Hardcover
By Steve Allen Goen
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This book is about "A time when the arrival of the passenger train was the high point of the day for towns across Texas. At one time almost every city and town in Texas was served by some type of passenger train. From the streamlined "name trains", to the makes-all-stops mail and express trains, to "doodlebugs", to "mixed trains", Texas had it all. Join Steve as he takes you back in time when the arrival of the passenger train was the high point of the day for countless towns across Texas.

This book is Missouri Pacific only. Texas & Pacific will be another title coming in the future.

This title has 16 chapters featuring a variety of Missouri Pacific passenger trains that once operated in Texas. Trains include the Mineola Branch, Huntsville Branch, Sunshine Special, Texas Triangle, Texan, Gulf Coast Eagle, SAU&G, Houston North Shore, Valley Eagle, Orleanean, Pioneer, Southerner, Texas Eagle (Houston section), Aztec Eagle, Texas Eagle (San Antonio section), and the Brackenridge Eagle.
This book is a must have reference source for fans of the Missouri Pacific.
The Missouri Pacific in Texas - The Early Years, pp. 6-13,
I-GN Trains 106-107 (Troup-Mineola), pp. 14-17,
I-GN Trains 153-154 (Phelps-Huntsville), pp. 18-19,
I-GN Trains 31-32 "Sunshine Special" (St. Louis-San Antonio), pp. 20-32,
I-GN Trains 17-18 "Texas Triangle" (Ft. Worth-Houston), pp. 33-46,
I-GN Trains 125-126 "The Texan"(Palestine-Houston) , pp. 47-50,
I-GN Trains 121-122 "Gulf Coast Eagle" (Houston-Galveston), pp. 51-57,
MP Trains 205-206 (San Antonio-Corpus Christi), pp. 58-65,
MP Houston North Shore Rail Buses, pp. 66-70,
MP Trains 321-322 "Valley Eagle" (Houston-Brownsville), pp. 71-86,
MP Trains 50-51 "Orleanean" (Houston-New Orleans), pp. 87-98,
MP Trains 54-55 "Pioneer" (Houston-Brownsville), pp. 99-105,
MP Trains 7-8 "Southerner" (Texarkana-San Antonio), pp. 106-111,
MP Trains 41-42 "Texas Eagle" (Palestine-Houston), pp. 112-127,
MP Trains 1-2 "Aztec Eagle" (San Antonio-Laredo), pp. 128-135,
MP Trains 1-2 "Texas Eagle" (San Antonio-Texarkana), pp. 136-173,
"Brackenridge Eagle", pp. 174-176.

Color laminated hardcover, 8.5x11.25", 176 pages, 190+ rare color and b/w images (about 50-50 B&W to Color).

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