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Data CD - Passenger Car Diagrams 1963-1978

Passenger Car Diagrams 1963-1978

Produced by the Missouri Pacific Historical Society

This CD contains scans, in PDF format, of various passenger cars in service from 1963 up to 1978. 


Passenger Car Diagrams 1963-1970
Passenger Car Diagrams 1978
Passenger Equipment Renumbering 1963
Passenger Equipment Summaries 1963-1964
From the back cover:
In 1963, the entire MP and T&P passenger car fleet was renumberedto bring cars of similar configuration into one series. Part of this process involved revising passenger car diagrams for all equipment remaining on the roster. This CD contains almost 300 diagrams for MP and T&P passenger cars as of October 31, 1963, as well as revision diagrams for cars that were modified by the Sedalia shops in the 1960s. Also included is a set of business car diagrams from 1978 and various MP documents detailing the 1963 renumbering of the passenger car fleet.
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