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Metal Sign - Combo Deal - You Pick, Two or More

Custom Signs - Pick Two or More and Save

This offer is for those of you that would like to purchase multiple signs. You must purchase a minimum of two signs. The first sign will cost a total of $15.00. Each additional sign will cost $11.00. MPHS members will qualify for a $2.00 discount on the entire deal. Be sure and check the radio button for eah sign that you would like, along with the MPHS discount, if applicable.

See the thumbnails below for each image. You can look up each image separately for more details.

These are new signs and come wrapped in protective plastic with four small mounting holes. Size of each sign is 6" x 10".

Bicentennial One    Bicentennial One Sign

Bicentennial Two   Bicentennial Two Sign

Dog Walking Tracks   Dog Sign

EMD E3A   Eagle E Unit Sign

Sunshine Special   Sunshine Sign

Texas Fast Mail   Texas Mail Sign

The Eagles   Eagles Sign

Valley Eagle   Valley Eagle Sign

WW II Victory   WWII Sign

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$95.00 $5.00
Bicentennial One:

Bicentennial Two:

Sunshine Special:

Texas Fast Mail:

The Eagles:

Valley Eagle:


Dog Walking Tracks:

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