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Saturday, 25 January 2014 21:17

Missouri Pacific Railroad Company - Maintainence of Way Standard Drawings, Two Volume Set- SALE

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The Missouri Pacific Historical Society has published two booklets covering the standard Maintenance of Way drawings. These are professionally printed from the original books and are very clear in their reproduction. The drawings cover the steam to diesel era. The softcover booklets are printed in landscape format with spiral bindings for easy opening. This is a two volume set, not available separately.


MoW 1 

Volume One

The 60 pages in this volume cover the railroad's platforms for unloading/loading freight, right of way box culverts, pile trestle bridgedetails, station signs, telephone booth, section house, cattle guards, mile pole markers, mail crane, roadbed and ballast sections, motor car set offs, watch box, privies,  coal boxes, train order signals and switch stand details.

MoW 2

Volume Two
The 58 pages in this volume cover the railroad's water tanks, pump houses, stock yards, small right of way buildings and painting diagrams for the railroad's frame structures.  In addition a spreadsheet is enclosed showing one roadmaster's territory in December 1928 from Valley Park to Jefferson City with 31 section tool houses, 35 stations, and 13 section houses.  Other drawings include brick platforms, scale house, section houses, bunk houses, water tank details, cinder pit, crossing gates and many more.

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