Looking out my front door growing up, I would see the Clarksville, Ark MOP depot. Many times I helped unload boxcars full of lumber for my Dad. 
(Yes, Boxcars. With Lumber. Sometimes still frozen from up north!)
My mother had a Brother (Bill Burkholder) and a brother-in-law (Bill Hestes) working for the T&P. 
I grew up hearing stories about working on the railroad. (None of which I wrote down, darn it!).

I remember watching MP Geeps working the Clarksville sub. Being young and stupid, not one photo did I take. Thinking back I think they were High-nosed GP7, with low-noses later. All in Jenks Blue.

Good news, the house and the depot are still there. Bad news, the tracks are long gone. 
DeSoto, TX